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School Bus Safety & Laws

Now that school is back in session in Jefferson County, please remember to be extra cautious when driving. 

As the City of Heritage Creek continues to grow, with families moving in, there are more children in the neighborhood.  Please make sure you slow down when you see a bus as they make frequent stops.  

Parents/Guardians please make sure your child stays on the sidewalk or in the grass area and not the street.  If you are in your car awaiting the bus to pick up or drop off your child, try not to pull up directly to a stop sign, leave room for a car to go around you and safely stop at the sign. With homes still being built there are construction vehicles also in the roadway.  Please make sure emergency vehicles can safely get down the road.

We want everyone in our city to be arrive safely home each day!


KY School bus laws:  School_Bus_Law.pdf



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