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Garbage and Yard Waste

        Starting on July 1st 2023, your sanitation bill will decrease by twenty one dollars a year. Garbage will be picked up on Tuesday and yard waste every other Tuesday. This price decrease will show on your Heritage Creek tax bill.
        At this time The City of Heritage Creek does not have recycling pick up available.    Recycling available at Central Government Center  at 7201 Outer Loop.  Full-Service Recycling Drop-Off, 10AM-5PM Tues-Sat, Acceptable Items: Paper, cardboard, glass, metal, plastic, used motor oil, oil filters, antifreeze, used cooking oil 

        As a common courtesy please place trash cans to curb or tree lawn no sooner than the evening before pick up and remove them after pick up within the same day.   This helps keep our neighborhood looking nice.


Waste Management:   

 Waste Management Holiday Schedule : WM_Holidays.pdf

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